GD790 DIY electric guitar kits, LP style 1 or 2 Part Solid Mahogany body with Zebrawood Veneer


Full size LP Mahogany Body with ZebrawoodTop and Wedge inlays Bolt on GD790 DIY Kit for Student & Luthier Projects Big Guitar Solid 1 or 2 Part Mahogany body. Complete kit everything included.

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  • DIY electric guitar kits
  • LP style Solid Mahogany body with Zebrawood Veneer
  • Mahogany neck Uncut head
  • Ebony fingerboard 628mm 24.75″
  • Bone nut 43mm
  • Cut head.
  • Pickup: 2 *Humbucker Controls: 2V, 2T PU selector: 3-way switch
  • Neck joint:Bolt on
  • Inc Pick guard.
  • Information Please note that the kit doesn’t come with instructions but you will need a soldering iron to solder any cables. Most of the work is straightforward assembly, but you may want to research the web for different assembly techniques and check out youtube for videos on the subject.
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